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Next tailgate? Bring your linens

Now that its getting cooler outside, picnics are just the best. I know that usually summer is picnic time, but really cooler temps actually are better for food storage, travel, … Continue reading

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Linen breeze, linen cloud

The other day we wanted to celebrate summer with linen, and so had this photo shoot with Modernplum’s Anna sheeting. Doesn’t linen just look and feel so beautiful when it’s billowing … Continue reading

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Our process: behind the scenes at MP

Sometimes that in all our are hurry and energy to make beautiful images of our products at Modernplum, we overlook the process involved in the making of our products. And … Continue reading

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The blossoming of American craft

No doubt American craftsmanship is blossoming everywhere. Dwell Magazine recently published its annual Made in America edition that features makers across America like Modernplum who are invigorating local manufacturing, small … Continue reading

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Farmers market fresh

I came across an article this morning that is exciting – it’s all about Farmers Markets and tips on how to buy, where to find the best deals and when … Continue reading

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Useful is beautiful

I came across a quote from William Morris this week that has gotten stuck in my head. It is “Live with things you know to be useful and believe to be … Continue reading

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Lean in, slow in

The new season, the change, offers the chance to reflect on the past and to plan for the future. This is why I am writing a post today on “Slow Life”, a … Continue reading

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