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Great dot paintings

This time of year, the landscape is so gorgeous! The leaves on trees and bushes have not yet fully deployed, and so the foliage is bunchy and puffy. When viewed from a distance, the greenery looks like its made up of little dots, like pointillist paintings. There is an airy lightness in these images that only happens once a year, for about 1 week it seems. Sometimes, I wish that time would just stop.

Every time I look at the springtime landscape, this painting by Georges Saurat, “A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte” from 1884 comes to mind. It’s the tried and true example of  pointillist painting. Up close the image is covered in dots, yet from far away, the image comes together beautifully, kinda like what’s happening outside right now. So I am thinking that surely we don’t have look only to Saurat, there must be some contemporary painters that are making work like this. I found three that fit the bill really well: Susan Entwistle, Catherine Bath, and Barbara J. Carter.

Crab Apple Blossom (Susan Entwistle)

Blue Bell Woods (Susan Entwistle)

Foliage and Sea (Catherine Bath)

The Wave (Catherine Bath)

Rosy Glow of Dawn on the River (Catherine Bath)

Experimental Painting (Barbara Carter)

Close-up of Experimental Painting (Barbara Carter)

Untitled (Andrew Forge), an inspirational painting for Barbara Carter

I especially like the experimental paintings by Carter. While they are more abstract than the others and don’t directly depict the landscape, their complexity of color and the nuances of pattern are really interesting. I can see these in any room as a great shot of color and interest. These paintings could go with a traditional or modern interior – they are super versatile. Finally, a chance to hang a bit of Spring of my wall!

Artist work is available for purchase. Images were procured from artist websites.


3 comments on “Great dot paintings

  1. Author Thelma Cunningham
    March 28, 2012

    I love nature too. These pictures are beautiful!

    Author Thelma Cunningham

    • modernplum
      March 28, 2012

      Nature is the best, i agree. Now if only it would stay around like this for a few more weeks….

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