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The essence of life captured

Protens, 1984 by Cy Twombly

This time of year, the exuberance of life is everywhere. I can feel the strength, fragility, and resolve of new growth as it pierces through its inner shell and comes into the light. A marvel really. Today I read an archived post from Heather Clawson’s Habitually Chic about the life and work of painter Cy Twombly, and had a realization: if its possible to capture the the essence of life in line and shape, I think Twombly did it. His 50+ year career filled our world with the scribbles, dabs, gestures, and globs that depict that which is organic, alive, unpredictable, and full of life. Twombly past away last year, yet his marks remain.

The images above depict Twombly in his studio and apartment and are from Habitually Chic. The detailing, coloration and curved quality of the furniture pieces are echoed in the paintings and they really look at home here. Yet, they would also be just lovely in a modern room with little inherent ornamentation. These paintings would just leap off the walls. Twombly original works are available at some of the larger auction houses and digital reproductions are readily available.
Leda and the Swan, 1963

Untitled Painting, 1994

Untitled, 1960

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