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A splendid artist and his dishes

A View of Paris through the Window

Marc Chagall is a wonderful artist. His whimsical and colorful style of drawing and painting never cease to delight. His animals and people are usually set within a cubist flat perspective  in city and rural scenes and are full of color, expression, and movement. Many of his works delve into religious themes, but for me, his work puts a lightness in my step, and transports me to a world of dreams and fantasy.

Marc Chagall was born in Russia in 1887 and was part of a large and loving Jewish family. Young Marc began painting early, and his signature playfulness was established very young. Chagall is another artist, like Twombly, that succeeded in keeping the innocence of youth in his hand as he painted throughout his lifetime. What a gift!

The Village and I, one of his more famous paintings

Recently, I was in Chicago’s Bernardaud store, the fine French porcelain company, and was thrilled to see dishes, tea cups, and trays that feature some of Chagall’s most vibrant scenes and characters. Angels, horses, and flowers jump off the vibrant dishes.

Dancer, from a set of 6 plates

Angel, from a set of 6 plates

From a set of 6 plates

The Garnier Opera, a stand-alone tray

Double face blue and yellow, a stand-alone tray

These pieces are splendid for the summer season for everyday eating, special occasions or just to look at on the sideboard. These ceramics are very special in tableware, I think, for their strong pictorial illustrative scenes, multiple colors and gestural style. Thank you, Bernardaud, for giving us one more way  to enjoy Chagall’s joyous artistic strokes. These ceramics are available at Gracious Style or Bernardaud. Images courtesy of Gracious Style and Bernardaud.


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