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Fields of corn

A few years ago in August, this is what the corn fields looked like in central Illinois. Lush, green and full. The same photograph taken today would be very different. They are brown, shriveled and thin and the corn harvest deeply reduced. This is a big story for us, since we live with in a farmer community and hear the stories of livelihoods also deeply reduced due to the climate. That means higher food prices for all of us. This is one more example of how we, as individuals, as families, communities, and a nation are commonly linked by the power of rain and sun to make food. Farming is one key to our sustainability as a society. This enormous contribution that farming makes to the well-being of our world gets forgotten sometimes.

These photographs were taken in August 2010 with a Nikon 35mm lens from the passenger side of a car traveling approximately 65 miles an hour. The green, brown, and yellow colors mix together here like an oil painting or maybe more like a pastel drawing or even a ombre textile pattern that would look great as a series of pillows or a sheet set. Mmmmm….didn’t Donna Karen do something similar in pink a few years ago for her sheets? In any case, this abstraction is really beautiful, I think.


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