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Salt and Sill from Boutique Homes

Travel has always been the top of my list of covets. I would rather walk in rags and eat beans for a few weeks than give up the chance to see new places, people and things. Are you like that too? For all the free-spirited travelers out there this one is for you. There is an online travel broker called Boutique Homes – you might know about it already – that rents private home and very small hotels. Each listing has been curated from the staff at Boutique Homes for their interior and architectural design qualities. No home or little hotel is the same, and each is intended to provide a unique and charming living experience. They are categorized by Chic and Cheap, Beach Houses, Architect Designed (some Frank Lloyd Wrights are available) and Villas. For the junkie traveler, this site is candy.

One little hotel caught my eye. It’s called Salt and Sill, and its a 23-room floating hotel located in near a group of tiny islands in Sweden in the Baltic Sea. I am drawn to the architectural ingenuity of a floating hotel, and by the easy breezy interior design that is a hallmark of Sweden. Since this part of the world is so “out there” anyway, why not take it a step further and live on a house boat – swim with the fish, feel the water currents, and peer down into the darkness of the sea? There is a tiny restaurant too that is known in the region for its seasonal organic produce. I think this would be a very authentic way to be in Sweden.

Images courtesy of Boutique Homes.


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