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Ceramic bliss at the Rhona Hoffman Gallery

Winter is an opportune time to go gallery hopping, I think. The greys of winter seem to fade a bit after a day of viewing art. From February 1 – March 9, the Rhona Hoffman Gallery located at 119 North Peoria Street, 1A, Chicago is mounting a group show of ceramics by artists Tiago Camerio de Cunha, Chris Garofano, Takuro Kuwata, Trisano de Robliant, Tom Sather, and Arlene Shechet. I find these pieces by Chris Garofano to be especially pleasing. They are both strong and delicate, expressive and quiet and so individual. If you can’t attend the show in person, the website is worth seeing. Hoffman manages to mix beauty with the cerebral in her art which always makes for a stimulating visit.

Picture 36 Picture 35 Picture 34 Picture 33 Picture 32Images courtesy of Rhona Hoffman Gallery


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