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Modernplum  tabletop-36
DSC_0480Modernplum  tabletop-124The new season, the change, offers the chance to reflect on the past and to plan for the future. This is why I am writing a post today on “Slow Life”, a philosophy of living that supports slowing down, becoming more mindful of time, friends, and community. It’s about cooking at home, buying beautiful and well made things, enjoying your purchases and living with less. Given the pace and saturation of choices, things, and distractions these days, this is a very refreshing idea, isn’t it? When writing the title of this post, “Slow In” – I was reminded of Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg’s newish book Lean In, in which she talks about leaning into work and embracing its culture, people and opportunities. She says that leaning in – becoming engaged and present to the situation – makes all the difference in success and fulfillment on the job. There is a big connection I think between Sandberg’s ideas and the Slow Life movement. Likewise, engage in daily rituals, activities, and people around — and you will be rewarded with pleasures, satisfaction and fulfillment at home. How basic and how profound an idea. Something to think about. Do you have an thoughts about slow living? Would love to connect with you about them.


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