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Useful is beautiful

DSC_0330I came across a quote from William Morris this week that has gotten stuck in my head. It is “Live with things you know to be useful and believe to be beautiful.” William Morris was an author, a designer, artist, and typographer and was influential in the Arts and Crafts movement in the 19th Century. While he lived and worked many years ago, this idea seems so relevant today. Useful and practical products in the home are the engine of how we live. Without useful things – the tools of the home, we could not accomplish our daily tasks with ease – eating without silverware or plates? It would be possible but not efficient. And how about the beautiful? This is a question open to debate, but in the context of this post, beauty lies within the practical when it serves function through material, form, and craftsmanship. Look at this knife here – its material of sterling silver perfectly functions to be a long-lasting blade upon which to spread butter and jam, and the resin handle forms a smooth surface that is easy on the hands. The silver joinery looks handmade, or if done with machine, it is done well with smooth joints and just a hint of decoration. In this case, beautiful is useful, and the useful is beautiful. This is a nice thought these days, I think.


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