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I came across an article this morning that is exciting – it’s all about Farmers Markets and tips on how to buy, where to find the best deals and when to score the freshest selection. Here it is, and it’s really great reading. What’s exciting is of course, the notion of buying fresh, all-natural and beautiful food in a community venue. After a long winter of staying indoors, could there be anything better than getting outside with friends and neighbors and buying food at market? There is a primal element to this, I think. The food and goods market has existed as a primary social-commercial hub of community for 1000’s of years and it remains an important anchor in community despite the number of alternative choices for consumption. I believe the lasting appeal is community. We are social people and we want to be with others, see what they are producing, and support them with our business.These are reasons, in addition to food just tasting better, that the Market is here to stay. As much as technology has improved and influenced every facet of our lives, the Farmer’s Market is one place it will not change, influence or improve. Perhaps, this is another reason it is so essential to our warmer weather rituals? What do you think?

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