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Linen breeze, linen cloud

Modernplum  day 4-82air shotModernplum  day 4-85 copyThe other day we wanted to celebrate summer with linen, and so had this photo shoot with Modernplum’s Anna sheeting. Doesn’t linen just look and feel so beautiful when it’s billowing in the sun? The freshness, the exuberance, the light and airy qualities of this fabric just leap off the page here, I think. Linen is a such a unique fiber, and we think these images capture that wonderful spirit. But aside from our playful images, what about linen makes it so practical during the summer? Linen’s flax fiber has been used in warmer climates for clothing, bedding, tabletop, and kitchen linens for thousands of years. Its longevity and practicality in warm weather is unmatched among other natural fibers. There are a few reasons for this. Linen’s unique open weave naturally circulates air, so that your temperature is regulated and your body can breathe. Linen’s structure is a little course, so it does not cling or bind. It naturally falls away from your skin and keeps it cool. Linen can absorb about 1/5 of its weight before it feels damp. That means it efficiently whisks away any moisture before it feels damp. For anyone who has sat or slept in hot humid heat, this makes all the difference in your comfort. Did you know that linen’s flax fiber stalk is naturally pesticide resistant? This means that linen fiber is grown relatively free of harmful chemicals which yields a fabric that is healthy for your skin and is naturally hypoallergenic. Linen is truly a magical fabric that can enhance the quality of every facet of daily life, especially in the summer. It is such a pleasure!


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