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Next tailgate? Bring your linens


Now that its getting cooler outside, picnics are just the best. I know that usually summer is picnic time, but really cooler temps actually are better for food storage, travel, and lingering sans bugs. The other day we took some of our sturdy-weight Jensen linen cloths out to the part for a picnic, and not only did our meal taste wonderful outside, but the linens were colorful and held up well covering the grass. I think having cloths like this are a must, just for times like this when a picnic is on the mind or any outdoor activity that requires sitting or being outside for long periods. They work as a nice cover up as well. For these pretty arrangements, we used a combination of linens whose colors coordinated with one another. On the left, an arrangement of Jensen moss, plum and navy cloths and napkins for a colorful foundation for plain white china. On the right, a berry and bark Jensen cloths are festive together. Outdoor uses like this is when linen is at its best. It’s a highly durable fabric that can withstand weather, dirt, and traffic. It can withstand being crumpled up and transported. And the colors stay rich wash after wash. Next tailgate? Bring your linens.


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