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Useful is beautiful

I came across a quote from William Morris this week that has gotten stuck in my head.┬áIt is “Live with things you know to be useful and believe to be … Continue reading

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Tools of the table

One of my most favorite possessions has to be the silver that mom and dad have been handing down for years during big holidays or special occasions. Sometimes I question … Continue reading

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Smitten with Patrick Weder lighting sculptures

Everyone once in a while when looking at new objects of design, my jaw drops to the ground and I become giddy. And this time, it was for Patrick Weder … Continue reading

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Objects and sun

A collection of objects, sun, and shade and shadow. What an interesting painting this would make. Courtesy of modernplum.

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Way of wood by Josh Vogel

This month’s Food and Wine has a story about Josh Vogel, an artist, sculptor, and designer based in the Hudson Valley, New York, that works with large timber to create … Continue reading

October 9, 2012 · 6 Comments

A splendid artist and his dishes

A View of Paris through the Window Marc Chagall is a wonderful artist. His whimsical and colorful style of drawing and painting never cease to delight. His animals and people … Continue reading

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Lusting for Lucie Rie pots

Is it even possible to lust after an inaminate object? I am here to say, a most definite yes! The object of my affection are the ceramics of a Lucie … Continue reading

May 10, 2012 · 3 Comments